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Insight that Delivers Buyers Who are Actively Shopping on Dealer Lots


Data to Deliver Action

We provide you with contact information of physical in-market buyers, including their names and addresses, often with additional demographic, vehicle and contact data.

iConnect finds buyers in your local community as they shop, using location data combined with industry-leading household data.


Competitive Advantage


iConnect Insight delivers data for buyers who have visited a dealer’s lot within the previous 24-48 hours.

Target Buyers Ready to Buy

Target Audience.jpg

iConnect Insight allows you to conquest the competition’s customers, target at-risk customers, and Identify lost service customer.

iConnect  vs. Digital Leads

Digital leads provide 1.9% lead conversion. iConnect delivers 19.4%. These direct actions are lower purchase funnel and guaranteed sales.

Who is the Cardinale Group?

Over forty years ago, we entered the automobile business driven by a passion for people, and recognizing cars as a “vehicle” for creating meaningful connections. We also understood that helping people select, purchase and finance one of the most important tools of our daily life is a valuable pursuit. Our priority is and has always been making sure our customers' car buying experience is both satisfying and successful.

Today, while our mission is the same we focus on connecting in-market buyers with elite dealerships across the nation. Do you have the courage to lead your dealership to success?